Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What do MEN really want with women?

What do men mean when they say bye or im leaving? Some want the women to go after him, some men act like they want u to go after them but when u do all hell brakes loose. How do we tell the difference from guy to guy? They all seem to have different personalities but all want sex, whether its with the same person or many people or who ever they can get. Some want nothing but sex others want the good relationship with good sex and last the ones that dont say they want sex, but do they? Do those very few guys that say they dont want sex, really not want it? They probley just put up a front either to trick the women or want sex but are actually scared of doing it, or afraid of rejection. Do many of the men that are afraid of rejection try to be cool and think there better than everyone? This might happen with the younger guys teens to mid twenties. When the man ur talking to gets mad or irritated and says bye or hes leavin or hes done, does he really not want to?, is it a sign of weakness in their eyes? Does he really want u to want to talk to him and say something to him first? Next time dont do it his way, do it urs. See what happens.